Circumstances Under Which You May Challenge A Valid Will

As the market value of property in Australia continues to escalate with each passing year, so does the number of court cases involving contested wills. Virtually every potential beneficiary wants to be entitled to a share of the testator's property, and in cases where a beneficiary feels that something somewhere went terribly wrong, they can contest the matter in a probate court. However, being a would-be beneficiary does not automatically accord you the right to have a share of the testator's estate. [Read More]

Considering Getting Divorced in Australia but Were Married Overseas? Here's What You Need to Know

In legal terms, jurisdiction is an official power of authority—the power to make decisions and judgements that are legally binding. If you reside in Australia but were married overseas, you might be wondering if the Australian legal system has any jurisdiction over your divorce. If you were in fact married overseas but are now considering divorcing your partner in Australia, the courts might be able to legally end your marriage. There are a few conditions that must be applicable, so you need to ensure that these conditions have been met. [Read More]