4 Ways A Family Lawyer Can Help You Solve Custody Disputes In Australia

If you are going through a custody dispute in Australia, it is important to understand how a family lawyer can help you. When you are going through a custody dispute, it is important to have the best representation possible. Here are four ways that your family lawyer can help you:

1. A Family Lawyer Can Help You Understand Your Rights And Duties As A Parent

Familiarising yourself with your rights and duties as a parent is essential to being able to achieve fair and equitable custody arrangements between you and your child's other parent. A family lawyer can help you understand how the courts in Australia will treat your case, which will make it easier to negotiate with your ex-partner or their lawyer if you're unable to reach an agreement between yourselves.

2. A Family Lawyer Can Help You Reach An Agreement That Works For Both Parties

It's not always possible to reach an agreement between you and your ex-partner. In this case, it can be helpful to have access to legal advice and mediation services that will allow you both to come up with a custody agreement that's fair to both of you. A family lawyer can help you negotiate a settlement that works for all parties involved. By having a lawyer on your side, you'll be able to ensure that the agreement is legally enforceable. 

3. A Family Lawyer Can Help You Negotiate An Agreement That Will Be Enforceable By The Court

If you and your ex-partner can't reach an agreement between yourselves, a family lawyer will be able to help you negotiate a settlement that is enforceable by the court. This means that if one of you decides to break any part of the agreement made, then they could be held legally accountable for doing so. Depending on your situation, this could mean ensuring that any custody agreement includes a parenting schedule as well as provisions for child support and/or spousal support. 

4. A Family Lawyer Can Provide Information About Child Support Payments

Child support is intended to provide financial assistance for your child's care, as well as cover any expenses incurred on their behalf. This could include things like clothing, food and medical bills. The amount that a person is required to pay will be based on many factors including their income level, the number of children they have and how much time they spend with their children. 

When parents are in disagreement over the custody of their children, it can be a painful and stressful experience. It's important to remember that your lawyer is working with you to achieve the best possible outcome. Chat with a family lawyer for more advice today.