When and Why You Might Need a Family Lawyer

A family lawyer is a person you hire to solve legal family disputes that arise. Disputes can lead to separation or divorce, which can cause more problems, especially when there are property settlement and child custody issues. Here's what you need to know about family lawyers.

Consider The Easiest Solution First

If you and your spouse both want a divorce, it would be better if you tried to have a peaceful divorce to avoid going through the tedious and expensive court trial process. Also, think about what you are about to take your children through by not solving your disputes amicably.

An amicable divorce requires two family lawyers: one for each party. You can then have an amicable meeting to discuss how marital property is to be settled fairly and how you will jointly raise your children. The lawyers are present to draw up the legal documents and ensure that the agreement arrived at is legally binding.

If the Easy Way Is Not An Option

Sometimes, one of the parties in a marriage may have behaved in a way that made the other party bitter. Additionally, there might have been cases of domestic abuse that led to domestic violence. In such situations, family lawyers are needed for different needs:

  • To act as the voices of both you and your spouse because you and your spouse may not want to be in the same room,
  • To listen to both sides and offer guidance and advice,
  • To help arrive at a fair and mutually accepted agreement,
  • To represent either you or your spouse in a court of law, etc.

Important Aspects


Do not use one family lawyer; always ensure that you and your spouse get separate family lawyers. 

Child Custody

Child custody matters are serious and are not lightly considered. Family lawyers usually carry out all the necessary investigations and research to ensure that the best outcome for the children is arrived at. Some of the things investigated are financial stability of both parents, lifestyles of the parents, who is wrong, whether each parent has the best interest for the children, which parent is most likely to help significantly in the development of the child, etc. This is also what is used to determine whether child support is paid or not.

Property Settlement

Just like child custody, investigations have to be carried out before a ruling is made. This is to mainly identify the financial status of each party, the financial contribution of each party during the marriage, the non-financial contributions, health and age matters, etc.